“Clio” Makes History Come Alive in Shepherdstown, WV

ShepherMonument to Pennsylvania Infantry at Antietam National Battlefield in winter with leafless trees and bright blue, cloudless sky.dstown, WV and the surrounding area is just a hotbed of historical significance. Antietam
National Battlefield, Harpers Ferry, and Charles Town immediately come to mind. Yet there is so much more. The countryside is scattered with memorials, buildings, cemeteries, museums, and markers all with a story to tell.
How many times have you seen a marker and thought, “I wish I knew more”, and the went on and forgot to look it up when you got home, or went home from a visit and missed seeing something you would have really enjoyed but just didn’t know it was there? Clio, the history app, can help you fill in those blanks and enrich your experience of history here in Shepherdstown and across the US.
Clio is a free app for both iPhone and Android that uses your location to provide you with images, referenced articles, and videos about landmarks, museums and historical sites near you. Articles tell the story of each site, are referenced, may have links to related articles and websites, contact information and even hours of operation. From my location here in Shepherdstown there are 163 sites of interest in a 50 mile radius.
Use Clio for on the spot information, to plan where to go next, or to help plan your stay. You can search on your current location or enter another location for your search and control the radius of the search.

Clio has its roots right here in West Virginia and was started as a class project by Dr. David Trowbridge of Marshall University in Huntington, WV. We had the pleasure of having one of those student-authors stay at the inn. He had written three articles about Shepherdstown.
Clio, named after the ancient Greek muse of history, now has over 9500 articles in its database and more are added every day. Users are also able to add and edit entries. All articles are reviewed by history professionals for accuracy before being published. Clio, the history app, is free and available for iPhone and Android. It is also accessible from your computer.
If you love history you will love Clio. Use it to enrich your next visit to Shepherdstown or any town.

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  1. Thank you! Mr Sigmon was one of my favorite students and I am so happy that you had the opportunity to meet him. My wife and I are relatively new to West Virginia, but it is starting to feel like home and we can’t wait to make it to your side of the state. I hope that the local library, museum and historical society, and faculty and librarians at Shepherd will enjoy using Clio. It’s getting a little better each day as people who care about history share what they know with others.

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