Post-St. Patrick’s Day Sliders (and a Drink for next year)!

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We actually made these little sammies on St. Patrick’s Day, but what an excellent use for your leftover corned beef!  We were hosting a group of dedicated theater professionals arriving late on the train and we wanted to make sure they had a little Irish before midnight. Peggy brought a green drink recipe that we adapted, and I put together some noshes that included soda bread, Irish potatoes, and a little protein in the form of the corned beef sliders, using the party-size potato rolls (24 to a bag) from Martin’s as our base.  A thick slab of corned beef, 1/2 of a kosher dill burger slice, and a schmear of brown deli mustard completed the snacks.

Our Green-lini was another triumph – we skinned a couple of kiwis and tossed them in a blender, added the juice of four limes, one peeled and chopped Granny Smith apple and about 1/2 cup of pear nectar to the mix and blended it to a lightly-green tinted liquid and stashed it in the fridge.  After rimming some stemless champagne flutes with green sugar, we poured in a bit of juice, a bit of vodka, and topped it off with sparkling wine for a Green-lini toast to St. Patrick’s Day and a successful reading of Scott and Hem in the Garden of Allah the next day!

Jeanne & Jim at the
Thomas Shepherd Inn B&B in Shepherdstown, WV

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