Holidays in Shepherdstown



I have begun the Christmas decorating for 2012; my mantra is ‘simplify’.  Items that are simple to put up and take down and that are not overly froufrou or elaborate will find their places around the Inn this year.  No tree, or at least not the large artificial one that I usually put up – although I love my ornament collection, the tree is unwieldy and takes a lot of space in the living room.  The Williamsburg arch that is usually above the front door needs to be remade, so this year we have the beautiful wreath you see from Megan Webber at the Shepherdstown Farmers Market and handmade roping from the same vendor at the Christmas Market at the Entler who made the pretty little boxwood tree that graces the entry way now.  The outside market on Sunday and the indoor weekend markets at the War Memorial Building and the Entler Hotel will run through December 23.

For me, decorating for the holiday is a process, not a one-day event, and it never starts before Thanksgiving.  That’s just my way, though, and if you like to go full bore and start after Halloween – you go! Enjoy the holiday season in the jolliest way possible for you.

Jeanne & Jim at the
Thomas Shepherd Inn B&B in Shepherdstown, WV

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