Ginger-Lime Syrup and a Kitchen Tip

In the heat of the summer, fruit, especially the local stuff like cantalopes, watermelons, peaches and berries is so fresh and sweet that it doesn’t need a lot of adornment.  I like to toss my cut-up fresh fruit with a light and simple ginger-lime syrup that can be put together quickly.  Here’s the recipe:

Five limes, brought to room temperature
1/3 cup sugar
1 tsp. grated ginger
1/4 cup water

I do this all into a big measuring cup that can go in the microwave – a 2 or 4 cup measure works best. Use one with a wide mouth so you can juice the limes right over the top and catch all the juice inside.
Juice all five limes, add the sugar, ginger and water and give it a stir.  Zap it in the microwave for 90 seconds to dissolve the sugar and stir again.  Cool before tossing with fruit.

Here’s a kitchen tip for juicing lemons and limes that I recently learned.  If you use one of the hand press juicers like the one pictured above, it’s easier to get the juice out if you slit the citrus lengthwise, 3 or 4 slits, before you cut it in half and place it in the juicer.  I use a lot of lime juice in the summer (Chilled Strawberry Soup, Chilled Peach Soup) and this makes the squeezing easier.  Always let the citrus come to room temperature and roll it around on your counter a bit to get the most juice out of it.  Enjoy!

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