A to Z guide to Breakfast at the Thomas Shepherd Inn

An alphabetic guide to what you might find for breakfast at the Thomas Shepherd Inn.

A: Apple Soup (hot); Apple Butter
    (Shepherdstown Fire Department)
B: Bacon (from DaKorah Farm); Biscotti
C: Coffee (Hypnocoffee); Cantalope
D: Dairy (from Trickling Springs Creamery)
E: Eggs (from a local farmer)
F: Fruit; French Toast (Blueberry-Pecan)
G: Good-For-You Granola
H: Hot Sauce (Duck’s – a WV brand)
I: Instant Tea, Hot Chocolate, Cider, Coffee – available 24 hours/day
J: Jeanne (head chef), Jim (grill man)
K: Kiwi, Kale
L: Lettuces (from Blue Morning Farm CSA)
M: Maple Syrup (the real stuff), Muffins
N: Nutmeg, Nuts
O: Orange Juice, Oatmeal
P: Peach Soup (chilled)
Q: Quiche (actually-Southwest Potato Strata)
R: Raspberries, Raisin Bread (toasted)
S: Sausage, Strawberry Soup (chilled), Salsa
T: Tomatoes, Thyme
U: Unleaded coffee
V: Vegetarian – not a problem!
W: Watermelon, Waffles
X: X-cellent Conversation at the Breakfast Tables
Y: Yogurt
Z: zzzzzzzz – You don’t want to sleep through this breakfast!

Many thanks to the White Cedar Inn in Freeport, Maine for the inspiration.

Jeanne & Jim at the
Thomas Shepherd Inn B&B in Shepherdstown, WV

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