What I Listen To…

My husband listens to music while he’s working on his computer – sometimes Celtic music, sometimes classic rock like John Mellencamp, and currently Mark Knopfler. When I am spending a lot of time at the computer, I go for NPR. I like music, but I feel like I should get information while I’m working, and most of my computer time is work – sending confirmations, updating the website, doing the accounting, or sending emails for one of the various projects I’m involved with. I feel guilty if I’m not multi-tasking.
This morning I spent an hour organizing the program for the Rumsey Radio Hour – coming up on November 19. I brought up the NPR website, found the program listings for Fresh Air, and fired up the Joan Didion interview. What a great writer, and what a tragic time she’s had lately, losing her husband and her daughter. But she still can find pleasure in the music at a concert. Looks like my husband has the right idea after all. Now where are those Springsteen CDs?

Jeanne & Jim at the Thomas Shepherd Inn B&B in Shepherdstown, WV

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