Storytelling and Breakfast

Breakfast is another opportunity to experience the communal atmosphere at our Inn. About 1/2 of the B&Bs we’ve visited offer a communal dining table; others have 2 or 4 tops for guests. We have a hybrid – 2 separate rooms, each with a 6 top, and you can sit for breakfast any time during the breakfast hour, rather than all at one designated time (different than previous owners). We consider making other changes but this seems to work best for guests and for the layout of the Inn.
Our guests often make new friends and linger in discussions over the breakfast table for some time. Some recent newcomers to the B&B experience say this is the most enjoyable part of the stay. Everyone has a story to tell. I follow a fellow West Virginia blogger who’s a storyteller and poet by avocation, Granny Su – here’s her take on storytelling for a living. Her last bit is what speaks to me: “To bring people together in a common bond, a shared moment of community”. It’s one of the reasons I like what I do.

Jeanne & Jim at the Thomas Shepherd Inn B&B in Shepherdstown, WV

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