Countdown to a Shepherdstown Valentine’s Day – Shepherdstown Sweet Shop & Bakery

Last but not least in the stores featured in our Valentine’s Day countdown, the Shepherdstown Sweet Shop and Bakery offers a large selection of treats for the holidays, including ginormous heart-shaped cookies, confetti-d brownies, and holiday-topped iced cupcakes like the one pictured to the left. As a hint to anyone thinking proposal for Valentine’s Day, please note the red plastic ring set in the dollop of icing on the top of this cupcake. It could be replaced by a lovely diamond engagement ring if you were so inclined!

In addition to the holiday sweets, the very popular German Stollen made famous by the Bakery is now available year-round. Wines, including sparkling and dessert selections, can round off your sweet Valentine’s Day or President’s Day menus.
Jeanne & Jim at the Thomas Shepherd Inn B&B in Shepherdstown, WV

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