Cross-Country Hikers visit Shepherdstown

We had the most interesting walk-in (literally!) guests this week. It was a week we had planned to do some work – hello, 25-year-old wallpaper in powder room – because we had no scheduled guests but we ended up with one room every night anyway. Most were repeat business-type guests, but one couple found us while looking for a place to stay on their cross-country hike from Delaware to California.

Karen and Jerry are retired and live near Sonoma, the endpoint of their trip. You can read the story of their journey – Karen travels with a netbook – on a cool website, They are following the American Discovery Trail using turn-by-turn guides and a hand-held GPS. Karen also has a great camera and a good eye, and has already posted some wonderful pics of the trip on her journal website.

They treated themselves to a comfy bed, a hot shower and a lovely dinner on German St. We weren’t really ready to do a full breakfast in the morning but we popped some muffins in the oven, plus our signature spice biscotti, with orange juice and coffee in the morning while we had a wonderful chat about their adventures so far.

What a privilege it was to meet Karen and Jerry as they make their way across the country, and how lucky for us that they chose to stop in Shepherdstown. I really admire their determination and fortitude in their travels and hope for all the best conditions to grace them along the way. I aspire to be that fit and healthy when I retire!

Jeanne & Jim at the
Thomas Shepherd Inn B&B in Shepherdstown, WV

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