Changing our water offering – again!

I posted awhile ago about changing from generic bottled water to the Tumai brand – an award-winning local bottled water with some profits going to help the water situation in Africa. Unfortunately, Tumai has been so successful that they have now signed an exclusive distribution deal with a big distributor and they have been priced out of our reach – almost triple what we were paying for generic water. A budget-buster for us as a small business!

So we are taking another step towards decreasing our environmental footprint and will now offer a Shenandoah Springs water dispenser in our guest library, along with our ice machine and refrigerator, on the second floor. It is slightly more costly than the generic bottled water but still within our budget, and we have eliminated the bottle waste. In the rooms we will offer glass carafes and glasses (washed, of course, between guests and as needed – no wiping out with a rag). We also have ordered mini ice buckets for the rooms. The tap water is still perfectly okay to drink; if you want to take water with you, please bring your own refillable water bottle. We hope our guests will appreciate the need to choose even small actions to lessen the human impact on the environment and its natural resources.

Jeanne & Jim at the
Thomas Shepherd Inn B&B in Shepherdstown, WV

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