Tumai Bottled Water for a Good Cause

Although we are not a certified green inn like some of our colleagues, we do try to be mindful of our carbon footprint around the inn – we recycle and use local products when possible. We do provide bottled water to our guests in our rooms, though, and have given long thought as to how to make that amenity more environmentally friendly. We haven’t solved the bottle problem but we have switched to a locally-bottled water which gives back a part of its profits to helping with water problems in Africa. As an added bonus, just one week after we began using Tumai (pronounced Too-my) water in our rooms, they won the gold medal of the non-carbonated bottled water division at the 2008 International Water Tasting Festival in Berkeley Springs, WV. They won a second-place medal for package design as well.

Tumai’s spring water comes from natural springs in Virginia and is bottled here in Martinsburg, WV. We are pleased to partner with Bob and his company to provide a special amenity for our guests and contribute even just a little to aid for a continent’s water crisis. When you visit Shepherdstown you can buy Tumai to take home at the Sweet Shop and Bakery.

Jeanne & Jim at the
Thomas Shepherd Inn B&B in Shepherdstown, WV

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