Do-Nothing Getaway

Over the President’s Day holiday weekend at the Inn, we were treated to a return visit from some lovely guests, Louise and Robin, who pointed us to a recent article in the New York Times highlighting the art of inactivity perfected at several bed and breakfast inns in New York and Pennsylvania. The article in its entirety is here and it’s by Neil Genzlinger – you may have to get an account on the website to see it; we have an auto-login account for the crossword so I’m not sure how it works if you don’t. At any rate, I thought I might just hit some of the highlights this week as food for thought…

First, Mr. Genzlinger defines ‘nothing’ as that can mean different things to different people. I love his choices –

  • nothing that involves spending money
  • nothing that involves strapping something to your feet
  • nothing done with a device that can be purchased at [insert name of big box store here]

His only essential item is a bottle of your favorite libation.

It should be noted that he violates the first rule by eating out – almost a necessity for a weekend trip and that he does try a toboggan. Still, most of his described activities meet the standard – reading, playing pool, eagle-watching, napping, strolling a labyrinth – fueled by a hearty breakfast at his bed & breakfast retreat.

As it happens, this article describes a perfect vacation for us – we are happiest when we have one suitcase full of books and the other full of clothes that can be worn with sneakers and sandals. Robin and Louise, also, said on their way out on Monday that they had the perfect ‘do-nothing’ weekend here. Our inn is one place where you can park your car, curl up by the fire and read with a book from our library, or enjoy an uninterrupted hour with your partner sans computer, cell phone and TV. You may need to spend some money – we only serve breakfast here, although that may hold you through lunch – but the wonderful restaurants are all within walking distance and a visit to the Opera House for a movie is a small indulgence. As Mr. Genzlinger says, ‘There’s nothing wrong with doing nothing.’

Jeanne & Jim at the
Thomas Shepherd Inn B&B in Shepherdstown, WV

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