Memorial Day weekend, 2006

It’s been a busy week since we’ve been back from our trip to the Outer Banks but progress has been made in both the garden and the exterior painting.

The first photo is one of my early roses and the second is the paint job in progress – the primer in the foreground, new paint in the middle, and the scraped old paint in the background. It will look pretty good when it’s done, which should be soon if the weather holds up. Painting goes more quickly than scraping and the nights have finally warmed up so that the bricks are not too cold to paint all day.

Shepherdstown is busy for the holiday weekend, but there are no parades or special events in town. The Mountain Heritage Arts & Crafts Festival and the Shepherdstown Street Fest are coming up in June, along with some good movies at the Opera House – we just saw Thank You For Smoking and loved it. Come and see us soon!

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