April’s last fling!

We’ve been very busy here at the Inn for the final weeks of April. Three groups of friends/siblings – one who spent their 36th reunion here and another group celebrating a sister’s 80th birthday – have been our guests. We have a large living room and a back porch for hanging out together, and lots of restaurants and shops for going out during the day. They had a great time with each other and we were honored to meet them.

The weather forecast changes daily – sometimes rain, sometimes clear – but it’s been mostly good weather but cool at night. The irises are about to pop but haven’t quite got there yet. The building is still being scraped in preparation for painting but no paint has gone on yet. We have a nicely mottled building at the moment.

The Opera House is showing the French thriller Cache this weekend only, in both time slots. Next week begins the Shepherdstown Film Festival featuring Asian films. Our May Day parade takes place this Saturday down German Street, with a Maypole following after and our own Morris dancers.

We’re full this weekend but have openings in May – come and visit us soon!

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